What we can do for your company

Be Ready Solutions provides you with effective personal management and HR support solutions for the most important challenges in your business, including: managing human resources and aligning them with your business strategy, improving productivity, building effective work environments that meet legal requirements and impact the performance of your business.

Be Ready Solutions provides you with the solutions and means you need to act in accordance with applicable law by eliminating fines and helping you to improve the performance of your business.

Use of our services will help keep the organization informed of the latest legal regulations by eliminating any risk.

BE READY SOLUTIONS comes to support your activity by taking over the recruitment activity. Using the latest recruitment methods and our own tools, we ensure a perfect compatibility between the job requirements and the proposed candidates..

The service includes:

  • Creating and publishing the recruitment notice
    The job posting is the first step in positioning your company as the employer worths to work for.
  • Selection of application files
    Detailed analysis of each candidate and correct identification of the skills and abilities required for the position.
  • Complex psychological testing
    Psychological testing of candidates in own psychology office specialized in work psychology using tests accredited and authorized by the Romanian College of Psychologists.
  • Assessment center
    Candidates are tested for the type of position they hold so that the compatibility rate is as high as possible.
  • Checking references
    Checking candidates’ references from previous jobs, thus avoiding candidates with false skills and declared abilities.
  • Final interview support
    Assisting the employer in the final interview and designing together the final job offer

BE READY SOLUTIONS aims to support your business by taking over the staff management activity that may include:

  • Revisal operation.
  • Preparation, conclusion and revision of individual employment contracts.
  • Preparation of the personnel file, obtaining from the employee the necessary documents, papers and statements in the file.
  • Preparation of documents that produce changes to the individual employment contract such as additional documents to change the position, negotiated salary, working hours, decisions to suspend the individual employment contract, decisions to terminate the individual employment contract, their registration in the new Revisal according HG 500.
  • Preparation of seniority certificates for employees who do not held a work card.
  • Preparation and completion of the certificates requested by the company’s employees.
  • Preparation of any personnel reports requested by the client.
  • We provide legislative support for any issue arising in the field of labor relations.
  • We provide support in case of controls performed by the competent bodies of the Ministry of Labor.


Be Ready Solutions offers you solutions regarding the total or partial outsourcing of the payroll activity.

Depending on your business needs, we carry out payroll activities as well:

  • Creating and permanently updating the database by registering individual employment contracts, changes in marital status and wages, decisions to terminate the activity, sanctions, etc.
  • Preparation of payment statements.
  • Preparation of monthly timesheets for salary calculation.
  • Calculation of bonuses and additions to the basic salary: overtime, weekly rest bonus, night bonus, difficult conditions bonus, premiums, aids, etc.
  • Calculation of rest and medical leave.
  • Calculation of the global agreement, individually or indirectly, as the case may be.
  • Calculation of salary deductions and seizures.
  • Preparation of payment orders for salary taxes.
  • Preparation of the unique statement 112 and its submission.
  • Preparation of fiscal files for the company’s employees.
  • Preparation of any salary reports upon the client’s request.
  • Legal support in any issue of salary calculation.

By the consulting services provided by Be Ready Solutions, your HR strategies can be implemented in the shortest time without the need to hire an in-house specialist. Some of these strategies are explained here:

  • Development and revision of organization-specific documentation
    • Preparation of internal regulations
    • Preparation of organizational charts
    • Job analysis in preparing job descriptions
    • Carrying out the audit for REVISAL
  • Disciplinary investigations
  • Assistance in conducting disciplinary investigations.
  • Employee opinion polls
  • Opinion polls among employees can warn you on the ethics, level of attitude, perceptions and degree of involvement of employees.
  • Training

Participate actively in the development of the knowledge and skills of your company’s employees. By developing these skills, the company itself will grow. Access now various training programs for your employees, including: Management techniques, Corrective actions, Conflict resolution or Time management.

The HR Professional package will bring to the forefront the opportunity to benefit from the full range of HR services.

Depending on the needs of your company, by the HR Professional service package, in addition to the already presented services, a representative of our company will travel and spend weekly or monthly between 5 and 40 hours at your company headquarters in order to provide you with instant support for problems in the HR process.

Each company has different needs, which is why we always make sure that we understand correctly your requests. Only together can we identify the best solutions.

We support what we say and the figures confirms it!

Adaptation rate of candidates recruited by Be Ready Solutions:



…Your business is constantly changing, which is why at some point you get to the position where you have to choose also from human resources point of view. Can your company handle all these in-house changes or do you need to seek help from a specialist? It is not easy to make the right decision at the right time, but there are some signs that it is time to act and seek specialized help. If in a short analysis you can identify the Spiral Costs, Missed Deadlines or System Overload, the it is the time when you need to take a stand on your business

Alina Parmac

Specialist dezvoltare organizationala

Briliant Technologies Group

I have found the advice and service provided by Be Ready Solutions efficient and effective and I have no hesitation in recommending The HR Dept to anyone who needs assistance with any aspect of HR.

The Trainers

Salutam aparitia Be Ready Solutions ca solutie completa in domeniul resurselor umane. Procesele si aportul lor la dezvoltarea noastra alaturi de experienta consultantilor Be Ready a fost in perioada noastra de dezvoltare de real folos. Simplu: recomandam echipa Be Ready

PR Manager

Diversitatea programelor si activitatilor sustinute de  Be Ready Solutions  ofera importante posibilitati de dezvoltate personala.

Florin Baciu

Be Ready Solutions este caracterizata de seriozitate, punctualitate si orientare catre client.  Recomand Be Ready Solutions ca fiind un partener de incredere , care a dovedit   abilitatile si devotamentul si fata de compania noastra, aducandu-si aportul la dezvoltarea capabilitatilor angajaților dumneavostra.